New realease of the ConSenses data analytics software

On time with the new year, customers of ConSenses get the favor of the new software release v7. Customers with valid update contracts will be contacted and can download the new versionen via their support drive on the ConSenses customer server.

New Features

Selection of filter frequency for curves and characteristic values is now possible through Tab Settings.

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  • Overview plot supports two new groupings of data: Month and Year

  • Weekends are now displayed in overview plot

  • Separate plot for locating plotted curves in process timeline

  • “Sensor Name” added to curve’s information

 Changes and Improvements

  • Curves are now automatically located in Overview Plot when plotted. Multiple measurement stations are clearly visible from each measurement data.

  • In menu bar under Curves -> Select, the option ‘locate on overview’ is removed.

  • Visualisation of Plot preview is improved for multiple measurement stations.

  • Date format in Overview Plot more intelligent and contextual.

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Bug fixes

  • a bug at Select Mode for curves selection criteria was fixed.

  • Curve plot y-axis label correctly display the units of plotted curves.

Intuitive Hightech in the Standard

ConSenses sensor bolts are standardized machine bolts with the possibility to record changes of the preload force in both tension and compression mode with high resolution and in real-time. On this basis we provide intuitive systems for technical diagnosis and improvement. Products

International standard Platform for digitalization

Principally every bolted assembly can be used for data acquisition. For process monitoring, process and plant analysis as well as for safety functions. A simple assembly is always guaranteed.Branches

Why ConSenses Direct benefit

Our technologies enable you to record critical process, plant and system data in real-time, evaluate it immediately, analyze over long periods or monitor directly. Our solutions are remarkable for its simplicity.Applications

Ask us

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